by Nathan Windsor

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I recorded this album after three months of songwriting in Israel. I crashed on my friend Jonah Waismann's couch. Is there a secret track on this album? Hmmm...


released January 8, 2012

Recorded by Brian Kenneth Armour and J Chris Griffin at Engine Room Studios, ( NYC 2011. The album photo was taken by Kat Cheng (



all rights reserved


Nathan Windsor Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Nathan Windsor works as a music therapist in serving the elderly and hospice patients in nursing homes. Nathan is a renaissance man specializing in: guitar, piano, drums, bass, violin, mandolin, harmonica, ukulele and banjo. ... more

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Track Name: Close the Door
Close the Door
(c) 2011 Nathan Windsor

When I think back on all of the time that’s passed
And I see the long dark shadows cast
Well you know sometimes,
I just need to cry.

See you and me babe, we had all the cards
But the game was rigged and the dice were tossed
And a cheating hand
Don’t need an alibi

So just close the door,
I can’t take anymore
I can’t take anymore

Still in the evening I can hear you breathe
And feel you lying next to me
And my hair raise up,
like I just seen a ghost

Some say salvation is worth the price
But there ain’t no ticket to paradise
And I know it’s your spirit
Is what I miss the most

Long is the night of a lonely man
Who carries a cigarette in his hand
And he wears the soul
rubber down on his shoes

And now I realize just what I lost
So I nail myself back upon the cross
One final prayer:
I hope I can get to you.
Track Name: Wherever did Amerigo?
© 2011 Nathan Windsor

Where is the stark comaraderie
That brings together you and me
There really in no need to fight
Let’s let our differences unite
One thing yet I do not know
Wherever did Amerigo?

Whose land is this anyway
The ones before we tossed away
Promises broken, disease and years
Trudged them down the trail of tears
Roam no more the buffalo
Wherever did Amerigo?

Those who follow
Fill their hollow
Selves with the toxin
What’s sagacious
Is the spacious
heart just look within

Immigrants thought it was true
That gold bricks lined each avenue
Now men of value we insist
Have got it wrapped around their wrist
What’s the front and what’s the show
Wherever did Amerigo?

How did we earn such cowardice
with planes hijacked and towers split
In our defence we support those
who only make our wallets grow
We turn on them when they say no
Wherever did Amerigo?

Freedom came into fruition
In our blessed consitituion
Don’t believe them when they say
That freedom has a price to pay
Cruelty has seeds to sow
Wherever did Amerigo?

Private interests control the game
Don’t be fooled by a party name
Politics across the nation
look like a wresting federation
Party lines are baked in dough
Wherever did Amerigo?

The day has come, reach out a hand
To elevate your fellow man
Sharing deeply his success
Can only bring more happiness
I’ll catch the lifeline that you throw
Wherever did Amerigo?

Peace to the world or the world in pieces
Anger subsides when love increases
You’ll find out who truly cares
When you see just what he shares
Follow where the money’s spent
And you’ll find where Ameri-went~
Track Name: Bird in the Sky
Bird in the Sky
© 2011 Nathan Windsor

Last night I borrowed
Your new yellow shoes
Wanting to know
What it’s like to be you

I must apologize
If you cannot find the pair
I watched the sunrise
Danced in the morning air

Just needed them to remind

How beautiful you are
When you’re dancing
So light on your toes
Nobody knows
How beautiful you are
When you’re dancing
The way that you fly
Bird in the sky
Bird in the sky

Let’s go to town
You and I will share the night
All the city sounds
Will make us feel alright

Let’s hope the DJ
Let’s us hear our favorite song
There is no way
This could ever be wrong

Just needed it to remind


Just you and me
Dancing so free
Who care for tomorrow?
Put on your best
Forget the rest
We’ll dance the mambo
Even though we don’t know all the steps tonight
Track Name: Harvester
© 2011 Nathan Windsor

Blood red moon is in the sky
Hanging over you and I
Late autumnal equinox
Lights the darkness in the crops

And I’ll meet you in the open field
Sunsets so surreal
Gathering while children sing
A lilting laughing reel

Oh my harvester
Dance till the morning light
Let me hold you tight
Oh my harvester
Soaring through fields of grain
How the corn sings your name

Shine on through the evening cold
Streaming starlight blue and gold
Listen to the symphony
Surrounding both you and me

And the lone night comes to spread her wings
Listen to her sing
Take a chance and start to dance
While stars are circling

Hold you close
let you know
I will show you my heart
I treasure who you are

And in our night
I will show you all my heart
And I delight in who you are
Track Name: If I Loved You
I Loved You
© Nathan Windsor 2008

If I loved you
I would be true
You know
I would

Oh, how lovely
You would love me
Then we
Would be
In love

You'd take my hand
I'd understand
This love we planned was always
Worth waiting for.
You know it was

Like a story
Love and glory
Then this
One kiss

We would make love
Vows we'd take love
Then we
Would be
In love.
Track Name: Love Somebody
© Nathan Windsor

Somebody was (hiding) in his home
Feeling the lonely of alone
Springing winter to his fall
Nobody would hear his call.

Nobody had found her way
When everyone had told her to pray
She fell winter to it's spring
Her nothing into everything.

Will nobody just love somebody
And make a someone from no one?
Cause everybody could be nobody
Being alone we are al-one

Nobody knocked upon his door
Found somebody lying on the floor
Autumn winters made him fall
Notes to no one upon his wall.

"Everyone left me," somebody said
"How could they just leave me for the dead?"
Summer winter fallen spring,
Where did I put my everything?"


Nobody stopped to lift him up
For anyone could have his luck
Falling through the summer's winter
Kissing him, withdrew his splinter.

Nobody insisted somebody try
To find his all that was inside
Winter to spring and sick to health
Then nobody told him, "love thyself"


Somebody looking up began to cry,
"I never knew somebody all this time!"
Spring to fall in winter’s summer
"And tell nobody that I love her!"
Track Name: Photo-graph
© 2011 Nathan Windsor

We were sitting on your sofa
It was late one friday night,
And your parents had just stepped out for a while.
And there ain’t no type of kissin
like when parents aren’t in sight
Makes you grin a certain grin, a certain smile.

Open up.
Fill your cup.
This is letting in the love.
Living here.
Living now.
With you.

I tell ya baby, our love’s gonna grow much stronger
Your love is worth much more than gold (I don’t exaggerate now but),
Take a picture just to make it last a little longer
But ain’t no picture that is gonna satisfy my soul.

Then I told you that I loved you
And you stared across at me
A confession I had kept inside too long.
Many nights I thought about it
I wrote it down so it could be
An expression of my love inside a song.

We need to observe
All the stars above
like you and me,
They share a true love
Track Name: Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl
© Nathan Windsor 2011

As Solomon with a thousand wives
I’ve fallen in love a thousand times
The same beloved the same affair
With different eyes and shifting hair
Each cherry sweeter than the last
The lady upon whose eyes I cast
A thousand radiant-jeweled faces
Whose scent reminds me of the places
Travelled in my well-worn sandals
Fragrant roses, burning candles
The roads of Greece that lead to Rome
I place my queen upon the throne

I’ve found
I am drowned
By such beauty in this world
Who knows
Where one goes
Following a pretty girl

Puritans hear this confession
To say your mine is but possession
I’m not cynical or jaded
If love’s not free it must be traded
Do you have the strength my brother
When she’s fallen for another
To release the bird and let her sing
And wish her wind beneath her wings


Love’s the thing
All my heart, for

Each different girl, a different bride
With different love that beats inside
Iris blossoms I will bring her
Slip the ring upon her finger
And into the west we gallop
Sunset burning like a scallop
Navigate the changing courses
Riding on my band of horses.